My design life

Who Am I?

I am a dreamer by birth….and of course all of us dream  about something sometimes / every time in our lives! My imaginations to design every little space that i lived and tried to make it a reality for myself by using things that i found around me, was beyond my control!  Yes, my dream of designing spaces did not leave any stone upturned, walking a long tough but joyful tenure to reach the destination of becoming a Web designer,  Landscape  & Garden designer &  Interior designer for homes! I enjoyed looking at anything in this vast beautiful Nature, converting it into another beauty within my HOME or presenting it to someone as a gift!

Buying a property, be it  anything, planning is essential  and if it is a residential property…A HOUSE OR A HOME?


Yes of course….. there is a lot of difference between a“house” and a “home”.

A HOUSE is just a place without life, and a lifeless space is like a body with no brain…which is like a body paralysed!

A HOME …the word says it all by itself ! It is a nest filled with harmony!  It is a word that is impregnated with meaning which Unplugs your thoughts, to Unlock your home into Unfolding the nooks and corners of its spaces, filling it with colours, sentiments and emotions that bind you and your loved ones together and throws its arms open to the eyes of the world… that look up to you with a “Wooooow”!

Why Interiors? Why not just buy a Space to live…and just live the way it is?

Interior designing is all about giving life to a HOUSE, binding it with love, care and comfort, dressing it up with colourful feelings, shaping it with sentiments and feeding it with healthy and meaningful elements and decorating it with green spaces around for a fresh life… embraces prosperity and brings harmony inside itself… converting it into  “A HOME” !

Designing your spaces is to define them to your needs with a structural boundary or an imaginary line drawn, so as to use the space for the purpose it is planned. The purpose could be anything that matches the defined and labelled space and you start filling the elements within it.  Is it just filling things? This thought is the one that leads you to contact a skilled architect who can design and decorate it as per taste, choice, comfort, conveniently placing them to suit your lifestyle.

A well organised home is always a Time saver. It makes life easy and brings smiles through your day 😊😍

Buy a House and Live…Is just not a complete life.  Planning a House with Internal designed spaces makes it a proper Home …A life to the fullest!

You can Do It Yourself with your own Ideas,  WHY SHOULD YOU, We are here to help you with Team of Skilled craftsmen,  it makes a lot of difference…  A Penny lost is a Penny earned. So save more by spending a little on your Interiors too!

Take a step forward…Click the menu > Open the Contact  form > fill in your details

Tap our door /Ring the bell and chat with us over your little time – off your hectic life expressing your home plan, we are here to guide you!

We are a team built with confidence to deliver your dream home! We value your time, money and effort…. call us / message us/ email us, we will respond as soon as possible and attend to your request!        

Thank you


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