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Welcome to 2020! Our goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be different from everyone else!

WHATS NEW!!! Yes, we are selling! Not a building, not a villa, not an apartment..not a big community! ๐Ÿ• We are selling you homes packed with values not for money, not for imported stuff… but for a real life! We are not followed, not spoken about but yet contain hidden beauty! Yes, we are “NOT FOR EVERYONE..BECAUSE WE ARE *DIFFERENT* ”

For details: contact +919535226796 / +919141093309 (Bengaluru, India) OR whatsapp – call message +61469600607 (Sydney, Australia) or Email @ 


We have lots more Assured…! Follow us here.


I am a consultant for Real Estate Industry in Bangalore, Karnataka, India and in Sydney Australia. My tenure of 20+ years in this industry brought me a long way of learning experience in Property management, sales, design, landscape, legal & documentation, interiors. The fruit of my achievement as on today is the customer database and the healthy relationship with trust between us that has kept my profession/ business GREEN! I am always active, taking challenges and converting "IMPOSSIBLE TO I'M POSSIBLE" in any Job/ duties in life. Between this, I am growing younger with my dreams on interior design filled with lot of excitement and colours! My main focus is in giving comfort, conveniently to all categories of life be it a home in countryside or a palace/ contemporary home of 21st century in midst of a beautiful city! building a WOW impact in a person's thought and vision is my aim!

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